Banning substitutions in injury time is one measure being considered by football's lawmakers in order to curb time wasting.

The International FA Board (Ifab) will also discuss replaced players leaving the pitch at the nearest boundary line instead of via the technical area.

An advisory panel will consider the two proposals next month.

But any decision to change the laws is not expected when the Ifab annual meeting takes place in March.

The average time the ball has been in play in Premier League matches this season is 55 minutes nine seconds.

Burnley's 2-1 Premier League victory over Cardiff in September saw the ball in play for only 42 minutes two seconds, the lowest mark since the start of the 2017-18 season.

During that time there have been 2,599 substitutions in the Premier League, with 129 (5%) taking place in the 90th minute or later in a match.

The average amount of second-half injury time since August 2017 is four minutes 22 seconds.

Ifab will also discuss introducing yellow and red cards for team officials, which could progress to a decision to be included in the laws in 2019.

The body is likely to look at allowing goalkeepers to be able to play the ball to a team-mate within the penalty area from a goal kick, with the attacking side not permitted to enter the area.

This proposal is targeted at youth level football and will not go to vote next year.