Former Obuasi MCE, Richard Agyemang

A former Municipal Chief Executive for Obuasi has given a biblical explanation to NDC flagbearer’s John Mahama’s position on the ballot paper for the 2020 polls.

Richard Ofori-Agyemang Boadi told Nhyira FM’s morning show, that it signifies a confirmation of God’s promise to give Mr Mahama a second chance to rule the country.

The NDC flagbearer is placed second on the ballot paper, out of 12 candidates in the 2020 polls. His closest contender, President Akufo-Addo is first on the ballot.

“Prophetically, the number 2 represents purity,” he said.

“God had a covenant on two occasions with man; the Bible is in two parts, Old and New Testament. In the Bible, man came two times, Adam came with sin whilst Jesus came with salvation.

“In Titus 3:10, the Bible explains before an accusation can be accepted as true, there is the need for two people to testify the truth in the accusations.”.

Mr Ofori Agyemang insists the number 2 on the ballot is a confirmation of God’s promise to Mr Mahama that he will return to power again since every President has four years per term, with a maximum of eight years. 

“When God gives you a prophecy without confirmation, then the prophecy has no stance. When a prophet or pastor gives you a prophecy, with no confirmation from a second person, then that prophecy is null and void.

“All of God’s plans and promises are in pairs. Anyone who says the 2 signifies the second defeat of John Mahama has no knowledge in the Bible,” he said.

He added “If you want to get money, you first have to work, then offer sacrifices to God to enjoy his benefits.

“When you want a long life on this earth, you have to honour two people, your mother and father. The number 2 in the bible is very significant”.