Editor-In-Chief for the New Crusading Guide says the Free SHS policy without the double track system is not feasible.

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr. said both go hand in hand, therefore, drawing one from the other will lead to the collapse of the policy.

“Double track is essential though the transitional feature of the Free SHS policy…you cancel double track and you’ll kill that baby(Free SHS),” he said on Peace FM.

This comes after the NDC in its 2020 Manifesto announced that they will make Free SHS better by including private schools.

The party’s running mate Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang said the policy under a new Mahama administration will come without the double-track system.

In a later conversation on PM Express, NDC’s 2020 Manifesto Committee Chairman also said abolishing the double-track system will not be immediate but rather progressive.

Professor Danso Boafo said the double-track system will only be abolished after the Mahama government is done expanding school facilities.

This, Mr. Baako is challenging the party to provide a specific time frame for the cancellation so that Ghanaians can hold them accountable if they fail to deliver on the promise within the given time.

He added that Free SHS without the double track is “an unrealistic proposition.”

“The NDC should tell us when they will cancel the double-track system. What is the time frame, one, two, or three years?

“I think this [NPP] government gave a time frame (5 years) to phase out the double-track system. This was a pragmatic reaction to a herculean task. In fact, it [abolishing free SHS] is an unrealistic proposition, it ought not to be canvassed,” he added.