Kan Dapaah

Indeed without the resolve, the commitment and the leadership of these personalities together with others. This conducive working environment for the staff of the ministry would not have been achieved and how unfortunate it is that one of the main architects of the idea, the Late (Joshua Tcheremi) is not present to share in our joy.

Your excellency, over the years, the various ministries, departments and agencies in Ghana operated without any concerted national security strategy.

This brought about uncoordinated efforts in addressing issues of common concern. Your excellency, to resolve this concern and following the directive that you gave to us, a multisectorial working group was established to draft a national security strategy and it is worth emphasizing that the national security strategy which would be launched today is the outcome of sleepless nights of the working group.

I am happy to announce that this document has been reviewed by all the relevant stakeholders, my internal and external security experts, who have ensured that the document met the international standards and fit for the purpose.

I’m particularly grateful for the willingness with which former security capols from both sides of our political divide display in helping us to produce this document.

I wish to use this opportunity to thank individual, former security ministers, former national security coordinators, civil society organisations, the academia and other individuals who have contributed immensely to the production of the national security strategy and above all, our thanks goes to the leadership of the parliament of Ghana, as well as members of the defense and interior committee of parliament for the interest that they showed in this project and the (pain sticking) efforts that they made to ensure that this document is as good as it has turned out to be.

Your Excellency, I want to stress that although Ghana continues to be horouded as a beacon of peace in Africa, we must not rest on our odds.

Evidently, the first that confronted us as a country decades ago have evolved faster and with greater intensity than anticipated and this your excellency underscored the need for the swift implementation of the national security strategy to decisively mitigate new and emerging threats and may I assure all Ghanaians that we pledge to respect the rule of law, fundamental human rights, and freedoms of all Ghanaians as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana but let me also caution that the respect of human rights can not, must not be compromised with strategic threats to  national security and let us all agree that without a secure, without a safe environment in the country, we can not pursue development and for that matter government may not be able to improve living conditions of our people.

There must therefore be a balance of issues of National security and the respect of human rights.

Your excellency, due to the personal commitement that you devoted to the development of this document and the desire to see to it’s full implementation, we found it most expedient for you to be present today to outdoor all important document and your excellency on behalf of the entire staff of the ministry of national security, I express my profounf gratitude to you for first providing all the support needed for creation of the national security strategy and the construction of a new (edifis) for the ministry and also your excellency for gracing this occasion.

We at the ministry of national security can only repay you for this gesture by working dilligently in line with the dictates of the national security strategy, to ensure that Ghana remains safe and secure and with due regard to the respect and dignity of the citizens that we serve.

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