Future Gold Resources (FGR), the operator of Bogoso Prestea Mine has opened investigations into what it says was an attack of their personnel at the Dumasi deposit – which is a key ‘orebody’ for the Company’s Bogoso Mine.

FGR in a press statement disclosed that the attack was meted out while personnel where enroute to deliver a letter to the Spokesperson and Secretary for the Oyoko Royal Family, Nana Dr. Francis Kofi Bih.

“At 10pm on the evening of 26th July, 2021, two vehicles being driven by Future Global Resources (FGR) personnel were attacked by unknown assailants in the village of Dumasi.  A gun was fired into one of the cars. No people were injured.”

“One of the vehicles was in Dumasi to deliver a letter to Nana Dr. Francis Kofi Bih, The Regent of Dumasi, that represented an agreement on a way forward on establishing a long-term dialogue and commitment to social investments by FGR as requested by the community.  As a result of the attack this letter was never delivered,” the press statement pointed out.

The statement further said the FGR Bogoso site got attacked on July 27th by machete-wielding men – numbering 50 – suspected to hail from the Dumasi Community.

“Two shot guns and set fire to equipment and buildings in a targeted and orchestrated attack.  No personnel were injured in the attack although many were seriously distressed by these unprovoked acts of violence and specific threats to life were made to employees.  As a result of these incidents, the police and military were mobilised to protect people and property.  Since arriving there has been no physical confrontation between the saboteurs and the authorities,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, management of FGR says work has been suspended and will restart once investigations are concluded and they accordingly advised on resumption of mining activity.

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