The National Gas Development Taskforce has assured that gas from the Jubilee Field should be available for national use in the next sixteen months.

The Chairman of the Taskforce, Professor Kwesi Botchway gave the assurance yesterday in an interview with Joy Business to clarify reports that the Trinidad National Gas Company has been contracted to develop the country’s gas reserves in the Jubilee Field.

According to Professor Botchway the GNPC is only talking to the Trinidadians on a possible role for them and that nothing has been concluded.

He explained the immediate objective is to make gas available for electricity generation.

“We are hoping that in the space of about 14 to 16 months, we will have in place, infrastructure that will be capable of taking and processing the associated gas from the Jubilee Field and producing clean gas for power generation and possibly have some liquids also produced,” he stated.

Electricity consumers should benefit greatly once gas becomes available for power generation as it costs a lot less to produce electricity from the resource.

Source: Joy Business/Ghana