Oil Marketing Company, GAT Oil, has inaugurated an eight-member board with the aim of being resolute against the sale of contaminated fuel and also expanding operations in dominant mining communities. 

Board Chair of the OMC, Professor Kwame Boasiako Omani-Antwi, tells Joy Business, the new board will also engage the government on ethical practices OMCs in the country must adopt in order to redeem trust and confidence in the sector. 

“GAT Oil will be positioned as one of the forward looking fuel companies in the country. We will ensure we do ethical business so we have no issues with the selling of contaminated fuel. When it comes to contaminated fuel, we will be resolute on this. We also want to support government with suggestions to curtail these bad practices in the industry,”

GAT Oil, a family owned OMC, resorted for this move to constitute a board citing the benefits of Corporate Governance. Managing Director, Emmanuel Gati explained the company meant nothing without a board. As concerns over price fixing and contaminated fuel surge, Mr. Gatsi intimated that customers precede parochial interests. 

“We have now constituted our board. Our price is moderate for the customers. We want to maintain our customers. If you are giving them contaminated fuel, you are in turn driving them away,” he stated.

GAT oil is also looking to expand their frontiers by partnering with existing pump stations to either supply or rent for operation. 

The Oil Marketing Company gained license in 2017 with seven service stations nationwide. With a staff strength of 500 which was slashed to 300 due to the effects of the Coronavirus.

Members of the board include: Board Chair, Professor Kwame Boasiako Omani-Antwi, Doctor Theophilus Senyo Ackorlie, Mrs. Belinda Kye-Nimako, Lawyer Kwesi Keli-Delataa, Samuel Yaw Akomea Esq., Emmanuel Antiaye Ankrah, Emmanuel Gati and Prince Otis Mlagada.