General Electric Company (GE: NYSE) a global technology leader in energy, health and rail transportation has partnered with Junior Achievement Careers Ghana to offer classroom-based, work-readiness programs to students in tertiary universities across Ghana.

JA Careers with a Purpose, helps young people answer the age-old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” In addition to providing students with information about specific career paths, program activities teach students the skills associated with understanding the world of work, such as enhancing personal awareness of vocational interests, skills, and values; recognizing the importance of ethics in career and life decisions; and exploring careers in high-growth in-demand industries such as health care.

With the help of General Electric (GE), Junior Achievement is will be reaching several senior high school students in their classrooms. “Our partner GE through its dedicated staff will be inspiring students to align their skills and interests with a career calling,” said Mr. Agbai, Executive Director of JA Ghana. “JA Careers with a Purpose can help our young people be successful in their work and in their lives. This is an investment in the future workforce and we are grateful for such support.”

”The partnership between GE and Junior Achievement Careers is a symbol of pride for both parties and a sterling example for others to follow”. With supportive and experienced partners of GE’s calibre, Ghanaians can be rest assured that the upcoming generation are on the right path to deliver the vision of a good and improved country and create a better life for all Nigerians,” Mr. Agbai said.

According to Kwabena G.Kugblenu, Programme Communications of JA Ghana, volunteer mentors from GE will present the program in high school classrooms. As volunteers share their information, students will be reminded of the importance of positive values, life maxims, and ethical decision-making within the context of their own career and ongoing life decisions, he added.

To further improve Junior Achievement programs and assess student learning outcomes, surveys and discussions will be used to gain input from volunteers and educators after the completion of the JA Careers with a Purpose program. Specifically, information about students’ understanding of using ethical decision-making skills to make career and life decisions and identifying possible career choices is gathered emphasized by the Programme Communications Officer of JA Ghana.