Christ Embassy, a leading Christian ministry, has launched three new inspirational books at the National Theatre in Accra on the theme: “Project Life.”

The books – Re-creating your world, Don’t stop here, and How to make your faith work, were written by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, the General Overseer of Christ Embassy.

The books are aim at impacting inspirational and biblical knowledge in the youth of the various schools across the country and the general public as a whole.

Government representatives, personnel from Christ Embassy, delegates from various schools, students from various schools in Accra and beneficiaries of the books were present to grace the launching.

In a speech read on behalf of the Minister of Education, Mr. Lee Ocran, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service appreciated the contribution of faith-based organisations in educating the Ghanaian child.

The Minister commended Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for his inspirational books which “will go a long way to improve the social skills of our children who are the future.”

Mr. Lee Ocran disclosed that his ministry will build close links with religious bodies to promote quality and holistic education in the nation, adding that government is determined to provide teaching and learning materials to basic and senior high schools to ensure that pupils and students are not handicapped in their studies.

He stressed that government would continue to create a way for a bright future for the Ghanaian child.

He said the government will also provide infrastructure for the educational institutions to create an enabling environment for teaching and learning.

The minister of education also appealed to students to be disciplined in order to reciprocate the investment by the government and other stakeholders in education, urging them to take time to study the books so that their lives will be change and sharpened.

Teachers were also encouraged to take a critical look at the content of the books and consider adding it to their schools curricular.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, whose speech was also read for him by the Assistant General Secretary of Christ Embassy, Pastor Bioden Lawal, who doubles as the Zonal Director of Accra-Ghana Zone, disclosed that the ministry of education after a careful assessment of the books recommended the books to be used as supplementary materials for Junior, Senior High Schools and also to the general reading public in the country.

He expressed deep appreciation to the government of Ghana, the ministry of education and the Ghana Education Service for endorsing and recommending the books to be used as supplementary materials at all levels in Ghana.

“We are grateful to God for the leaders in the country and your passion to see our youth become successful to make a difference in their world and make our country even greater,” he said.

Chris Oyakhilome revealed that what is contained in the three books is time-tested and proven truths that has changed lives all over the world.

For his part, Pastor Bioden Lawal also pointed out that the project is specifically designed for the youth of the country, noting that ‘their lives would never be the same’ should they study the books.


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