Investigations conducted by JOY Sports can confirm that persons who have been appointed on the various Standing and Ad Hoc Committees of the Ghana Football Association(GFA) have not been officially written to and most of them too have not been informed of their new appointments.

It has been three weeks, November 27, 2014 to be precise since the Ghana Football Association announced changes to the various Committees of the federation- changes which saw FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi stepping down as Black Stars Management Committee Chairman.

But information gathered by JOY Sports indicates that,official letters have not been written to any of the appointees informing them of their appointments.

This means the  GFA can't be certain if those appointed have accepted or rejected the appointments. The GFA has also failed to fulfill its own promise of publishing the entire list of appointees and which committees those appointees are expected to serve on as stated at the Press Conference by the FA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi.

Meanwhile, Executive Committee Member, Randy Abbey who was appointed Chairman of the Black Queens Management Committee, has written  to the FA to reject his appointment which he heard through media reports.

A clear indication that prior discussions did not take place between Randy Abbey and the FA before his (Randy’s) appointment.

JOY Sports can confirm that many of the appointees are unhappy with this unprofessional attitude of the GFA and have asked for official documentation regarding their appointments.

There is no denying the fact that until appointment letters have been sent to the appointees and their acceptance letters received, it cannot be said that the new appointees have commenced work with the Ghana Football Association. 


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