Ghana Medical Relief, a non-profit organisation made up of medical practitioners and volunteers based in the US and Ghana has embarked on a health outreach exercise in Anomabo in the Central Region. 

The organisation provided, during the four-day exercise, paediatric urology, medical, dental, gynecology and obstetrics services among others. 

The organisation which provides free medical services to communities every year has treated 2,200 people so far in three days. 

Ghana Medical Relief

During a brief media engagement on the sidelines of the exercise, Dr Samuel Kwapong Owusu, a physician and President of Ghana Medical Relief, stated that the number of fibroid cases and the sizes recorded through the screening of women during the exercise was of great concern. 

He urged the community members especially the women to endeavour to have regular medical screening so that medical conditions can be identified and addressed at early stages. 

Ghana Medical Relief

Last year, the team was at Asiakwa in the Eastern Region and provided similar services to the indigenes of the area.

Ghana Medical Relief is a non-profit humanitarian organization that delivers healthcare to various villages in Ghana. 

The organisation work in collaboration with hospitals, churches, and agencies in the United States for supplies and medical equipment that are donated to hospitals and clinics in Ghana.

Ghana Medical Relief

To date, the organisation has donated hospital beds, ultrasound machines, examination tables, cardiac defibrillators, operating room equipment, and numerous medical supplies/medications to several hospitals and clinics in Ghana.

The goal of the organisation is to provide free healthcare missions annually in Ghana.