The Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has tasked Ghana Post to reposition itself and diversify its operations to respond to rapid technological changes.

He said Ghana Post could revisit the savings accounts system through the purchase of stamps, saying that would encourage the youth to save.

“The world has moved from physical delivery of letters. There are rapid changes in the world technology; Ghana Post has to reposition itself to meet those changes.”

Mr Mpiani, who made the remarks when he launched a collection of Ghana @50 commemorative stamps produced by the Ghana Post in Accra also tasked Ghanaian investors to invest in their country.

The stamps seek to extol the outstanding performances of some distinguished personalities such as Cardinal Appiah Turkson, first Ghanaian Cardinal, Dr Ephraim Amu, a renowned Ghanaian Musician, Sir Arku Korsah, the first Chief Justice, Dr F.K Buah and Professor Adu Boahene, renowned historians, Dr Leticia Obeng, first Ghanaian Scientist in Aqua-culture.

Some of the distinguished institutions were: Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Agriculture Development Bank (ADB), State Insurance Company (SIC), Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) and Antrak Air.

The occasion coincided with this year’s World Post Day which is under the theme; “Get connected.”

Mr Mpiani said: “While introducing the new technology, do not lose focus on your old delivery concepts.”

He reminded Ghana Post of the need for all Ghanaians to have access to Post offices irrespective of where they lived.

On the stamps, the Chief of Staff noted that they portrayed strides Ghana had achieved over the past 50 years in Education, Health, Sports, Banking and Insurance among others.

Mr Mpiani said it was important for the nation to celebrate its heroes, especially persons whose achievement had gone unnoticed.

He said Ghana’s 50th Independence celebration should stir the entire nation to reconcile, explaining that, that was why government was pursuing policies that enhanced the life of Ghanaians.

Dr Benjamin Aggrey Ntim, Minister of Communications said government recognizes the role of the postal services hence has constructed 59 more post offices under the HIPIC initiative in order to bridge the communication gab.

Mr Kofi Duah-Adonteng, Managing Director of Ghana Post said it was determined to get all its systems automated, diversify their services and products in the face of improving technology.

He said the theme for this year reminded them to reposition in the wake of technology and related changes so that they remained relevant to the society.

Mr Duah-Adonteng said five International Money Transfer firms have expressed their readiness to work with the Ghana Post and extend many of their services in the rural areas.

Professor Addo-Fening, Board Chairman of Ghana Post said it would continue to create awareness on the indispensable role of postal services and expressed their readiness to automate its products.

Five strategic partners GCB, SIC, ADB, CPC and Antrak Air, who supported in the designing of the Ghana @ 50 stamps pledged their continued support to Ghana Post in their endeavours.

Source: GNA


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