The Director of Social and Demography Department of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has disclosed that a re-enumeration process is currently under way in specific areas of the country.

The exercise started in August and will end on September 18, 2021.

Speaking on the Prime Morning Show with Benjamin Akapko Monday, Mr. Anthony Amuzu-Pharin stated that the re-enumeration process is to allow the Service clean-up the data collected in the just ended Population and Housing Census. 

Using digital novelty, fewer enumerators will be required to cross-check the data received during the first phase.

The digital tablets to be used by the enumerators in this phase, are fitted with interactive map software that will allow the receipt of data in real-time. 

As part of the clean-up process, enumerators will be checking for accuracy of contact numbers, ascertain if for any reason, residents who lived in a particular house at the time of enumeration have relocated, traveled or have kicked the bucket. 

Particular focus will be placed on ensuring more informed data on the age, sex and education of the general populace. 

As part of his mandate as Director in charge of Social and demography, he is charged to provide such data to be used in proposing policy changes in key sectors of the economy. 

Touching on the issue of compensation of enumerators for the 1st phase of the Census, he assured all enumerators that their allowances will be paid through the district offices. He encouraged aggrieved enumerators to exercise patience as what is due them will certainly be paid. 

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