Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo says she did not join the #FixTheCountry demonstration because her life was in danger and was not ready to die for Ghanaians.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, Efia Odo, who was an active member of the campaign mentioned that she received threats from anonymous individuals on social media asking her to stop demonstrating against the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

She disclosed that, she received so many threats and had to exempt herself from the demonstration because she was not ready to lose her life for Ghanaians.

“I am not ready to die for Ghana. Ghanaians are not worth dying for and that is why I did not go for the demonstration. I will love to help them though.”

She mentioned that her mother was so concerned about her safety that she convinced her to back down from the joining the demonstration.

“My mum asked me not to go. I always listen to her when it come to issues like these.”

Efia Odo said that she is hopeful that her non-governmental organization; ‘Odo Nti’ Foundation will be able to help some Ghanaians in need of basic commodities for survival.

In 2021, #FixTheCountry campaigners hit the streets of Accra to demand that government addresses the many economic and social challenges facing the country.

Ghanaian youth took to social media to demand accountability, good governance, and better living conditions from government.

The #FixTheCountry advocacy, which began in May 2021, garnered huge support since campaigners, largely the youth, started highlighting some of the inadequate conditions in the country.