Seasoned broadcaster Gifty Anti has launched her new book ‘50 Nuggets @ 50’, on Prime Morning on the Joy Prime channel.

50 Nuggets launched

The book consists of 50 life tips collated by Mrs Anti from her numerous experiences in her 50 years on earth.

Divided into chapters, some of the nuggets include ‘Yes, I failed’, ‘The professional frienemies’, ‘My feminism and my religion’, ‘My political love affair’, ‘My singleness’, ‘Trusting a man’ and ‘Becoming Mrs’.

Speaking to host Emefa Adeti, Ms Anti popularly called Oheneyere said she was motivated to write the book to encourage and inspire the many young people who may encounter similar life’s situations.

“I was motivated to write the book because although it is very risky putting your personal experiences and shortfalls in the public’s eye, I think there are many young people who could learn from my experiences.”

This is her third book and it follows the success of her two previous books, ‘A bit of Me’ and ‘The Best of You’.