In just a week after publication on online shopping platform, Amazon, television personality Gifty Anti’s debut book ‘A Bit of Me’ has reached number one.

Published under Survival Biographies, the book which is the untold story of Gifty’s life has passed other publications within the same time frame to take the number one spot.

A bit of me

A Bit of Me was dedicated at Trinity Baptist Church in Accra July 6 with almost all first 500 copies selling out at the event.

It is a must-read motivational and uplifting book which seeks to inspire readers to be their best selves regardless of the challenges they face in life.

For women in Ghana, especially, Gifty, host of the television programme ‘The StandPoint’, and a former news anchor is confident her story will serve as an encouragement so they don’t give up when times get tough.

Marjy Marj, a Ghanaian entrepreneur based in the US shared the news with her followers on Facebook:

“This book breaks me down to them to let them know that I have travelled this journey, still travelling it, I’ve made mistakes, failed, I have regrets, I’ve had great times and the lessons I’ve learnt from it.

“So that people will know that they are not alone. The squares in front of the book show my brokenness but behind that is a beautiful picture. So this book goes to tell people that it doesn’t matter what you go through, you just have to know that you are worthy…it is just a phase but if you can look beyond the brokenness you can move on,” she said.

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