Communication Minister Haruna Iddrissu says the government expects over 2,000 jobs to be created after the launch and subsequent operation of Globacom.

It will therefore not in any way frustrate the efforts of the Nigerian telecommunications giant in its bid to begin operations in Ghana.

Glo has threatened to quit Ghana after what it says is needless frustrations from government agencies.

The issue assumed media headlines last week amidst threats of a trade row between the two West African countries after Nigerian traders waded into the controversy and alleged that the Ghana government was deliberately pursuing policies to drive them away from Ghana.

But the Communications Minister insists the allegations by Glo are unfounded.

In an interview with Joy FM’s Super Morning Show host on Wednesday, Haruna Iddrisu said it will be in the interest of the government to have Glo roll out, explaining that the Mills government has shown more than enough commitment to ensure a successful launch and operation by Glo.

According to him it was agreed at the last cabinet retreat which was devoted to job creation, that the launch of Glo could create as many as 3,000 jobs and was therefore directed via a cabinet memo to “prioritize two activities; the launch of Glo and making Ghana an attractive destination for business process outsourcing.”

“So it certainly will come to me as a personal surprise that Globacom will be throwing this unfounded allegation to the Ghanaian public and create an impression in Ghana that we are unfriendly people,” he lamented.

He has therefore directed the National Communications Authority to investigate the concerns by Glo and allow them an opportunity to substantiate the allegation.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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