The National Premix Fuel Secretariat has suspended indefinitely, the supply of premix fuel to four (4) fishing communities in the Central Region, over the use of light for fishing.

The four landing beaches include; Moree, British Komenda, Abanze and Dago.

A statement signed by the Administrator of the National Premix Fuel Secretariat, Nana Abrokwa Asare, indicated that the decision to suspend the said landing beach committees is a punitive measure for engaging in light fishing and other such illegal practices perpetrated by fishermen in those areas after the closed season.

The Secretariat explains that light fishing and other illegal fishing are considered a serious offence by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD) and its agencies because of the negative impacts on marine stock and industry growth.

Nana Abrokwa Asare in the statement stressed that MOFAD was aware that premix fuel, which is subsidized by government funding, was regrettably, used to fuel generators for the illicit practice of light fishing.

He stated, “it would be recalled that Ghana was nearly sanctioned with a yellow card penalty by the European Union (EU) and continues to be at risk of a potential red card which connotes an outright ban from exports of fish to the European market alongside other detriments should these illegal activities continue.”

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