Government has expressed surprise at the amount of money the State owned television, GTV claims to be losing daily, due to the live telecast of the Supreme Court hearing.

The Director-General of the state broadcaster, Major Albert Don-Chebe (Rtd), last week revealed GTV is losing about GHS 100,000 daily because it has suspended regular programming on the network.

He also hinted that GTV might not be able to continue with the coverage without any financial assistance.

But Deputy Information Minister, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed during the daily press briefing at the presidency Thursday, questioned the timing of the claim by the Director General.

“I thought that GBC is a very serious organization and I believe that the decision to have this live telecast was not just done out of sleep. I believe that there were some planning and budget and GBC would have known that this is the duration the case is going to take us and this is how much we need or would have to lose at a result of that,” he opined.

Murtala Mohammed said it very interesting to hear that the state broadcaster which hitherto said it was broke, is losing this huge amount of money.

“If you say that you are losing this amount of money because of the court case then it means GBC is very rich because it would have been making this amount of money but for the fact that you have this thing [live telecast] done, you are losing it”.

The Deputy Information Minister added that government had no role to play in the decision of the station to telecast the hearing live and so it must not be linked to claims the state-owned television station may want to stop the live broadcast.

Murtala Mohammed said the issue should provoke a debate as to whether GBC should be financed by the state.