Executive Vice President of Tullow Ghana, Kweku Awotwi, has said the significant discovery of oil in Guyana opens opportunities for Ghana as expertise from the country would be needed.

Tullow Oil Plc earlier this week announced it had made its first discovery on its Orinduik license offshore Guyana, exceeding pre-drill forecasts and paving way for the drilling of more wells.

“The initial discovery suggests its commercial, but it also means an opportunity for people in the Tullow organisation. We already have some of our own Ghanaian geoscientists who are going to be part of the Guyana exploration”, Mr Awotwi said.

The Jethro-1 exploration well was drilled by the Stena Forth drillship to a Total Depth of 4,400m metres in approximately 1,350 metres of water, according to Tullow.

“Evaluation of logging data confirms that Jethro-1 is the first discovery on the Orinduik licence and comprises high-quality oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs of Lower Tertiary age”, a statement from Tullow Oil Plc said.

Tullow will now evaluate the data from the Jethro discovery and determine appropriate appraisal activity.

“Half of the people on that rig are Ghanaians. The Scandinavian company moved the rig from Ghana to Guyana but kept the Ghanaian workforce. These are some of the things we’ll benefit from”, Mr Awotwi added during an interaction with some selected journalists in Accra who were part of a training programme on oil and gas.

Tullow training

The training programme organised by the oil firm in collaboration with Rigworld Training Centre was in fulfilment of its commitment to building the capacity and knowledge of media stakeholders in oil and gas and strengthen reporting and analysis of issues concerning the sector.



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