England have a clean sweep of this season's major European finalists, with Tottenham and Liverpool lining up in the UEFA Champions League and London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal through to the UEFA Europa League. But has it ever happened before?

Three finalists in one season*

The short answer is no: no side has ever provided all major European finalists in for a single season. The closest we have come, discounting the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, is three out of four. That has happened six times, most recently in 2016. 

1980 GER – Nottingham Forest 1-0 Hamburg, Eintracht 3-3agg Mönchengladbach (Eintracht won on away goals)
1990 ITA – AC Milan 1-0 Benfica, Juventus 3-1agg Fiorentina 
1995 ITA – Ajax 1-0 AC Milan, Parma 2-1agg Juventus
1998 ITA – Real Madrid 1-0 Juventus, Internazionale 3-0 Lazio
2014 ESP – Real Madrid 4-1 Atlético Madrid (aet), Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (4-2 on pens)
2016 ESP – Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético Madrid (Real Madrid won 5-3 on pens), Sevilla 3-1 Liverpool

Four finalists in one season

Italy did provide four finalists in 1990, back when there were three titles up for grabs including the Cup Winners' Cup, which ran from 1960 to 1999. All three trophies ended up in Italy, too:

  • European Cup: AC Milan 1-0 Benfica
  • UEFA Cup: Juventus 3-1agg Fiorentina
  • Cup Winners' Cup: Sampdoria 2-0 Anderlecht, aet

One-nation European Cup/UEFA Champions League finals

This season will be the seventh UEFA Champions League final between domestic rivals in 20 seasons:

2000 ESP Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia
2003 ITA AC Milan 0-0 Juventus (3-2 on pen)
2008 ENG Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (6-5 on pens)
2013 GER Bayern München 2-1 Borussia Dortmund
2014 ESP Real Madrid 4-1 Atlético Madrid (aet)
2016 ESP Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético Madrid (5-3 on pens)
2019 ENG Tottenham v Liverpool

One-nation UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League finals

This season's final in Baku is the first all-English decider since the competition's very first season in 1971/72, when Tottenham got the better of Wolves. It is the tenth one-nation final in all.

1972 ENG Tottenham 3-2agg Wolverhampton
1980 GER Eintracht 3-3agg Mönchengladbach (Eintracht won on away goals)
1990 ITA Juventus 3-1agg Fiorentina
1991 ITA Internazionale 2-1agg Roma
1995 ITA Parma 2-1agg Juventus
1998 ITA Internazionale 3-0 Lazio
2007 ESP Sevilla 2-2 Espanyol (3-1 on pens)
2011 POR Porto 1-0 Braga
2012 ESP Atlético Madrid 3-0 Athletic Club
2019 ENG Chelsea v Arsenal

Two winners in one season*

With a monopoly on finalists, both trophies are obviously destined for England. It is the 12th time one nation has won both competitions – and remarkably, the fifth time in six seasons! 


1975 GER Bayern München, Mönchengladbach
1981 ENG Liverpool, Tottenham
1989 ITA AC Milan, Napoli
1990 ITA AC Milan, Juventus (Sampdoria won the Cup Winners' Cup, too)
1994 ITA AC Milan, Internazionale
1997 GER Dortmund, Schalke
2006 ESP Barcelona, Sevilla
2014 ESP Real Madrid, Sevilla
2015 ESP Barcelona, Sevilla
2016 ESP Real Madrid, Sevilla
2018 ESP Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid
2019 ENG ???