The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, has directed the various MMDCEs to enforce the Covid-19 safety protocols while ensuring the populace adheres to them.

Speaking at the last Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council meeting on Wednesday, the Minister, Henry Quartey, cited the latest increases in cases recorded at various testing centres and hospitals as the reason for the MMDCEs to enforce strict adherence of the safety protocols during the festive season.

He also revealed plans concerning the regional initiative, dubbed Let’s Make Accra Work Agenda saying his outfit will be in full force next year.

Vice-chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, David Quaye Annang, expressed concern about the poor performance of students in the Basic Education Certificate Examination over the last four years.

He charged the various education directorates and parents to work at addressing the cause of failures.

He also urged the MMDCEs to ensure all infrastructure and all other materials needed to improve teaching and learning in the region are provided.

The Greater Accra Regional Health Director, Dr. Charity Sarpong, urged indigenes to enroll on the National Health Insurance Scheme to enable them receive quality healthcare.

Motorists, especially motorbike riders, were charged to comply with all road safety regulations to ensure an accident-free yuletide.

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