HMD Global, The Home of Nokia Phones will sign a new partnership agreement with 4Syte TV that will see the smartphone company becoming the headline sponsor of all promotional and on-ground activities for the media house.

The 4Syte TV 2018 Pent Hall Week activation is expected to kick-start the ultra-impressive partnership signed between the two companies.

Head of Marketing at HMD Global led a delegation to the 4Syte TV mansion to firm up preliminary discussion.

The delegation was taken around the studios and entertainment spaces of 4Syte TV. The visit also featured a discussion with 4Syte TV Founder, Ignace Hego and Chairman, Mike Cooke as well as interactions with influencers and student representatives. It concluded with an exclusive interview between the head of marketing and Wendy, one of 4Syte TVs top presenters.

On the partnership and visit, Mr Balogun, Head of Marketing at HMD Global, said the company believes establishing a long-lasting relationship with 4Syte TV is beneficial to both companies, hence their visit to kick-off the partnership. He said, “HMD Global recognises 4Syte’s significance in the youth and entertainment space in Ghana and sees parallels in how both companies promote positive entertaining impactful lifestyles as represented by Nokia Smartphones on Android.”

Specifically for 4Syte TVs viewers and followers, Mr Balogun said, “Nokia Smartphones on Android OS come in top of the range with specs that any young or youthful person seeks in a smartphone. Great camera, beautiful design, strong operating system, sleek feel and a great clutter-free display. Each specific phone comes with its own benefits and special features that make it unique for different categories of users. We look forward to successful events and partnerships such as this one with 4Syte TV where we can directly engage our consumers.”

On his part, Founder of 4Syte TV, Ignace Hego said, “As the top entertainment platform in Ghana, we are keen to partner with brands encouraging the use of entertainment to positively influence the young and young at heart. It is a credible partnership for us because the Nokia phone brand is international and we believe our activities are on par with international standards. It makes sense for us to partner HMD Global especially with their new range of smartphones on Android. Our first activity is the upcoming Pent Hall festivities first week of March. We assure HMD Global they will not be disappointed to be involved in such a big way.”

4Syte TVs Pent Hall Week activation takes place from March 2-4.

Last year HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones launched the new range of Nokia phones on Android operating systems. From affordable entry-level handsets to powerhouse top-end superphones, each phone is suited to a different sort of user, with dual-sim versions on offer. The company has kept what many people loved about the brand – high quality externals, nicely optimised hardware, and plenty of care and attention put into the audiovisual and camera experiences with the jewel in the crown being the Android software.