The Ho Airport has been left in a state of redundancy as local airlines have refused to patronise the Airport, the Aviation Minister Kofi Adda has said.

Mr Adda said though the airport has been opened for commercial purposes, local airlines have refused to patronise the services of the Airport.

“We’ve explored different things and different options of how to deal with that, but given that we don’t have our own airline that we can by policy direct that they should be going there, it’s so difficult for you to negotiate with the commercial airlines,” he told the Public Accounts Committee.

The Ho Airport was commissioned in 2018 under the Leadership of former Aviation Minister Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

The project was funded at a cost of $25 million and opened for domestic and commercial flights, however, the Aviation Minister has disclosed that the services of the airport are not being patronised as expected.

This, he says is affecting the operationalisation of the airport.

 “The sad bit of it is that my own good friend who is the overlord of Asogli is the shareholder of Africa World and we’ve talked with him to try and consider the possibility of going there.

“The same thing with passion air, my good friend Edward Annan to see how as a shareholder he can also consider the airline going there. They have their own reasons, they look purely for commercial. So, it’s it a difficult thing,” he said.

He, however, said the sector is exploring other means to get patronage.

“We have considered other means in terms of how we can even get passengers for instance from the Ashanti zone who come to Aflao to trade to see if the airlines can fly them from Kumasi to Ho which is a longer route that from Accra to Ho.

“These are things that we’ve explored. It’s difficult to say tomorrow we’ll fly there,” he said.