The much anticipated Ho Airport in the Volta Regional capital would become operational in a month’s time.

The Airport is expected to operate Accra-Ho-Accra commercial flights.

During a successful flight testing exercise of the facility on Thursday afternoon, the Chiefs Operation Officer of the African World Airline, Captain Kwesi Oteng, successfully landed Embrarer 145.

The aircraft which had 36 passengers onboard took about 20 minutes to travel from Accra to Ho for the first time.

Captain Oteng explained there was no hiccup during the flight thus approving the Ho Airport for commercial flights.

“It was a very short flight 15-17 minute flight time, conditions were very smooth, and it a very good connection from Accra. We are planning to operate two or three times a week from Ho to Accra.

“So when we get back today we are going to use the data that we got from today’s flight to examine everything and then we will put together a plan for a commercial operation,” he added.    

He further hinted that, if the patronage of the HO-Accra commercial flight, “we can also explore flying directly from Ho to other destinations in Ghana.”

Taking his turn, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State and Executive Chairman Of the African World Airline, Togbe Afede XIV believes the airport would not only accelerate economic growth and tourism but would be instrumental in emergency operations.

Togbe Afede who co-piloted the aircraft outlined plans to make the airport more economically viable to enhance the livelihoods of Ghanaians.

He indicated that his outfit and government are on talks to establish an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation in Ho for basic maintenance services.

Additionally, he intimated that “we are planning to establish a pilot training school in Ho and I am happy to say that it is receiving the full support of the Ghana Airport company, the civil aviation authority and government.

Managing Director of the Ghana Airport Company Limited, Yaw Kwakwa also appreciation for the enthusiasm of residents towards the airport and announced that Passion Air has expressed interest in flying to Ho.

“We are grateful for the enthusiasm that the city has shown us. This is what we are looking for that enthusiasm will keep going up and they will get high patronage at the airport and the airlines that will come here,” he said.

Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa lauded stakeholders on their respective roles in operationalising the facility.

He also urged residents to patronize the airport.

Residents in the Volta Region are hopeful of the economic impacts of the Ho Airport following the successful test flight exercise.