The Ho West Basic Schools Annual Quiz Competition (BaSAQ-C) sponsored by the MP for Ho West, Emmanuel Bedzra has commenced across the constituency with 40 Junior High Schools competing. 

Out of the total number, 34 of the participating schools placed first and second during the preliminary stage. The competition, held at 17 selected centres, had 73 schools competing for the available slots. 

The rest of the slots were occupied by the 6 schools that performed well although they lost.  

Defending champions and winners of the maiden edition of the competition held in 2015, Tsito Old JHS, made the list of qualified schools after emerging 2nd at their centre where Tsito E.P. JHS won the first position. 

Dzolokpuita JHS pulled a surprise by securing the highest total score of 71 points at the preliminary stage. 

The school located in the district capital exhibited prospects of winning this year’s competition after toppling Amedzorfe Old JHS which came second with 54 points and two other schools.

The 40 qualified schools will from Tuesday, August 24, 2021, compete at 8 centres, after which the top two schools would progress to the quarter-final stage. 

The 16 qualified schools will then be divided into 4 groups to compete on August 27, 2021.

After that, the winning 8 schools will compete at 4 different centers in the semi-finals on Thursday, September 2, 2021, to book a place in the finals scheduled to take place at Anyirawase E.P. Chapel on Friday September 10, 2021. 

The Member of Parliament for the area, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzra promised his continuous support to the competition.

He also pledged his commitment to fulfilling all basic educational related needs by the schools, teachers, and students in a bid to improve the quality of education in the constituency.

All participating schools that make it to the finals of the competition will receive a laptop.

The 3 best performing schools will receive a printer each, while the winner will be given other electronic appliances in addition. 

Also, the participants from the 40 schools will receive a pack of educational materials and certificate of participation. 

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