Like the proverbial lazy crab imprisoned in a bucket, hunting down its own and jubilating its success of foiling the attempt by the hardworking crab to secure freedom for them all, so it is with Ghanaians and their entrepreneurs.

Ghanaians have managed with gleeful determination to kill their own entrepreneurs in ways only the acidic mind will understand.

As the world celebrated the Entrepreneurship Day last week, Ghanaians joined in and honoured a few entrepreneurs who have managed to survive in the midst of turbulence, deliberate political intervention backed by social malignity to keep the damning poverty level of all Ghanaians intact.

At 54 Ghana cannot boast of a billionaire and whilst we drown our would-be billionaires we create God-sent opportunities for foreigners to thrive.

Motivational Speaker, Script Writer and host of Joy FM’s Food for Thought programme aired Mondays and Thursdays, Ebo Whyte explores how Ghanaians killed their own entrepreneurs- A Life, Kinapharma, Apino Soap etc and they did so with utmost ecstasy.

Play the attached audio for details of the thought-provoking expose on Ghana’s shameless story of how it kills its own entrepreneurs.

By Nathan Gadugah/