The Minister for Agriculture Clement Kofi Humado has expressed concern about the low growth rate recorded by the Agricultural sector in spite of the high budgetary allocation by the government.

He observed that government has exceeded the 10 per cent budget support to the agricultural sector but that has not reflected in terms of growth.

The minister attributed the trend to the increasing expenditure on emolument and administrative purposes rather than investment.

He was speaking to Joy News’ Agbeko Ben Coffie at the 9th Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development organized under the auspices of the Africa Union in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Ghana is a signatory to the Maputo protocol in 2003 and we have been trying to comply with the protocol arrangements.

So far the government has been supporting the agric sector and has even exceeded the 10 per cent of national budget for agriculture.

But what is in contention is the growth that has not consistently generated a growth rate beyond six per cent.

He said after an expenditure review it was found out that the quality of expenditure was problematic because a chunk of resources go into emoluments and not into investments.

He noted government is embarking on some financial engineering to stem the tide.