The Deputy Speaker of Hungary’s Parliament, István Jakab, has expressed his home government’s commitment to supporting the clean Ghana vision.

István Jakab was part of a delegation from the Hungarian Parliament that paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Sanitation on Tuesday.

The visit to the country was to help the Hungarian Parliament inspect projects funded by Hungary in Ghana.

Speaking at the meeting with the Sanitation Minister, István Jakab said that the Hungarian government will continue to explore opportunities in the country.

“We have had pilot projects launched here in Ghana. These are in the areas of plant production, horticulture, amongst others. We have been exploring serious opportunities in Aquaculture and fisheries. These are the things we are already occupied with…We are open. We have businessmen here with you and I am happy that this meeting will further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries,” he said.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecelia Abena Dapaah, expressed gratitude to the Hungarian government for its partnership over the years.

She was even more grateful that the government of Hungary is collaborating with private companies in Ghana.

“We are happy that in Ghana, you are in partnership with a private sector to treat wastewater. We fully, as a government, support that initiative and we thank the Hungarian government for funding that initiative through their EXIM for those projects. We can assure you that the company is a credible one that can be trusted and we hope more business can be accrued from that partnership,” Mrs. Dapaah said.

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