President John Dramani Mahama expressed confidence on Tuesday that Ghanaians are law abiding and will therefore adhere to all the electoral laws before, during and after the Friday polls.

“Ghanaians have, in the last five general elections, conducted themselves professionally, and this time round I am very confident that they will conduct themselves even better than the previous years in question.”

President Mahama gave this statement a rally at Dodowa in the Dangbe West Constituency during a three-day campaign tour of the Greater Accra Region.

The Greater Accra Region is the last that President covered after presenting similar campaign programmes in Ghana’s nine other regions over the past month and a half.

President Mahama said that Ghanaians are already accustomed to the rules and regulations associated with elections and he hopes that they will once again conduct themselves civilly.

He announced that the government has provided all the necessary logistics to enable the Electoral Commission and the Security Services to carry out their duties successfully and effectively.

“Government has done its part in providing the necessary logistics and I expect all other stakeholders to perform their roles professionally to once again place our dear country above her peers in the political landscape,” he added.

The President admonished supporters of the National Democratic Congress to avoid violence and other forms of intimidation that could undermine the peace and unity of the country.

“As the president of the Republic and a Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, I have a dual role of ensuring that my supporters conducted themselves well as well as ensuring that the elections were conducted on a level playing field,” he explained.

He promised that as the President, he will ensure that security forces act aptly to curb any disturbances or acts of violence before, during and after the elections, warning that, “the Security agencies will go in for individuals or groups of people who try to destabilize this year’s general election.”

President Mahama also addressed similar rallies at Danfa, Madina, Dansoman, Chorkor, Arts Centre, Labadi, Nungua and Teshie.


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