CJ Biggerman and his mum, Big Ivy. Credit: @flynimaboy — Twitter

The latest internet sensation, Big Ivy, also known as rapper CJ Biggerman’s ”mother“, has revealed that she didn’t initially support her son’s choice of career.

Even though she had a passion for music even before her son decided to venture into it, she considered music as an alternative option.

“I didn’t support his idea of doing music,” said Big Ivy. “I wanted him to have a Plan B – go to school, get to your limit and then you can follow your passion,” she told Doreen Avio on Daybreak Hitz.

According to her, the youth tend to focus on following their passion in the arts and neglect education.

Aside from education, she believes one can then explore a few additional skills to enable one to make a living.

She went on to admit that even though education is important, one cannot fully rely on it for survival.

Big Ivy also revealed that she wanted to become a musician during her days at the University.

Years after completing her tertiary education, she could not follow her passion [music] because she had to raise a family.

One of her ”children“, Christian Jojo Joshua, popularly known as CJ Biggerman, divulged to Big Ivy that he would like to become a musician —that was when she realized that music runs through her blood.

The ‘Mama Naira’ rapper had no choice but to throw her weight behind her son for his decision.

Big Ivy and CJ Biggerman are currently working on a joint EP titled Mama’s Love.

The duo’s new web series dubbed The Flow is set to be launched soon.