Tracy Boakye (Credit: Instagram - @Tracey_Boakye)

Actress Tracey Boakye says she has regretted feuding with Mzbel in August, 2020 over a man they were allegedly dating.

According to her, if she could, she would have expunged all the videos and posts she made in her response to Mzbel, from the internet.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on ‘Atuu’ about the squabble which birthed the popular phrase ‘papa no’, Tracey said “I wished I never responded; I have regretted a lot responding to those things.”

She told the host she does not even have the courage to revisit some of those videos and voice notes she aired for all to see.

After nearly two years since the incident happened, she now believes her actions were in terrible taste, adding that she questions herself anytime she sees any of such videos.

“I didn’t do well and I shouldn’t have done that,” Tracey said.

However, the actress said she is thankful the exchange with Mzbel did not affect her in any way, not financially nor her career.

In August, 2020, Miss Boakye and Mzbel engaged in a squabble on social media.

The two celebrities had been fighting on social media over their ‘sugar daddy’ whom they referred to as ‘papa no’ meaning ‘the man’.

The issue raised alarm with some people suggesting names of men who could be the sugar daddy in question, including some politicians.

The term ‘papa no’ has now been normalised on social media and has been used to refer to sugar daddies, among others.

Meanwhile, Tracey Boakye said that she has stopped responding to trolls or critics because she does not want to be involved in another social media banter.

The actress stated that she made a vow to herself when she turned 30 to turn a blind eye on any of such criticisms.

Tracey Boakye explained that she has grown and God has blessed her as well; hence, she does not see how beneficial these online feuds would be to her.