Stephanie Benson (credit: Twitter - @SteohanieBLive)

Musician, Stephanie Benson, has revealed that she got a tattoo to hide the stretch marks on her tummy.

In a post on Twitter, she stated that she went for the tattoo after she had all her five children.

Attached to the post, she showed off her tattoo which was drawn across her tummy.

Although the tattoos on the side of her stomach were not visible, there was a microphone on her tummy with other designs underneath it.

Stephanie Benson shares her five children with her husband of 35 years, Jonathan Benson.

The singer has not been one to shy away from opening up about the changes her body has gone through.

In 2019, she revealed she had undergone some surgeries to remove her breasts after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The singer said after the surgery, some people questioned her choice of outfit, noting that she did not have breasts to show off. However, Stephanie Benson said she was not going to let her medical condition define her.

Subsequently, she had reconstruction surgery to get new breasts for herself.

“I do miss my breast sometimes but I don’t let it linger, as soon as I go ‘aww I really want big breast’ but then I’m rocking these small ones, it made me look young,” she told Doreen Andoh on the Cosmopolitan Mix in 2019.