Outgoing Managing Director of Multi TV at The Multimedia Group, Santokh Singh has outlined some values which enabled him to drive growth in the company over the past five years.

Mr Singh who is set to exit the company after a lustrum of diligent service expressed joy at the warmth and cooperation with which colleagues and directors alike have worked with him in improving and bringing vibrancy into the brand.

Speaking to Lexis Bill on Drive on Joy Thursday, the elated MD shared memories of his early days at The Multimedia Group, having been given a daunting task of giving the television wing of the company a facelift.

“I was given the assignment to look at the business, come up with my strategy to turn the business around…I did a 150-page business presentation and presented it to management of the company. At the end of the presentation, everyone gave me a standing ovation except for K.T [Kwasi Twum]… From his facial expression I felt I had not done something right so I went back to the drawing board,” he said.

Outgoing Managing Director of Multi TV of The Multimedia Group, Santokh Singh

The Malaysian national further disclosed that after brainstorming further, he came up with a “shrink to grow” strategy which he believes was the game-changer for the television business.

“Actually, when I came up with the second strategy, then he [Kwesi Twum] was happy about it. He gave me a pat on my back and I knew he liked it… He gave me all the support and the trust and I am so thankful for that”, he said.

This level of support, coupled with a committed team Mr Singh believes contributed to his accomplishment in Ghana’s biggest private media corporation.

“I have not changed any team members. I am still working with the same people I came to meet. A lot of times when there is a new boss, people become worried that changes may come including people getting sacked among others. But I never did any of that and continued to work with my team and we are where we are now. I was given a target of five years to turn around the company, but we did it in three years.

Santokh Singh’s best friend travelled from Malaysia to surprise him

The outgoing Multi TV MD was paid a surprise visit in the Joy FM studios by his wife, daughter and best friend who had travelled from Malaysia to commemorate the climax of his five-year stint at the company.

Mr Singh’s wife, daughter and General Manager of Joy Cluster Emma Morisson

General Manager of Joy Cluster Emma Morisson also expressed her appreciation to her friend and boss for his guidance and effort in spurring growth in the company.