Former Lands and Natural Resource Minister, Collins Dauda says the fight against illegal mining by government would prove to be a challenging kind.

After a three-day national consultative forum held by government in its effort to eradicate the menace, he revealed that the involvement of state institutions and officials under the auspices of the Ministry in illegal mining also known as “galamsey” would retard government’s progress.

“The problem of illegal mining in my view is a difficult one for government to solve. If you are in government and you want to deal with illegal mining activities and you have your regional Chairman deeply involved in it, it would be difficult,” he told JoyNews.

Meanwhile, some participants of the national forum have described illegal mining as a national emergency.

According to them, all legal processes and policies must be looked at and deployed by the government to rid the nation of such canker.

Planning Committee Chair Benito Owusu on the said issue indicated that the fight against galamsey would be decentralised to expedite government’s initiative to help save the Ghanaian economy and the country’s natural mineral resources.

Highlighting some initiatives to be taken up by the Lands and Natural Resource Minister, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, Mr Owusu stated that the capacity of Mineral’s Commission would be enhanced to enable it enforce the laws.

He also revealed that Regional and District consultations would be rolled out while Cabinet meets to ponder over recommendations made to eradicate illegal mining activities.

“Minerals Commission must have district offices and that is going to happen. As we speak now, the Minister has assured Minerals Commission that he is going to ensure that their capacity is enhanced for them to be able to enforce [the laws],” he stated.