Eno Barony

Rapper Eno Barony says even though she’s open to people’s counsel, she doesn’t accept criticisms.

This was her reaction to a question posed to her by Animwaa Anim Addo host of Joy FM’s ‘Strong and Sassy’, about how she stays consistent at being a non-conformist in society.

According to her who recently released a feature with singer Wendy Shay called ‘Enough is Enough’, adhering to people’s criticisms will never get you to your goal in life

“Well I think it’s not an easy thing to do, but for me I’m always open to advice but I don’t accept criticisms. Because when someone advices you and you feel it’s good, you go with it.

“But when someone criticises you for no reason, thinking this is what you should do, you can’t keep listening to everybody because people have diverse views.

“And if you listen to them, you will never go forward. But you have to have an agenda, set a goal and know where you’re going”

Explaining further, she said, “So for me, that’s what I do and it’s not like I don’t want to listen to what anybody says or anything but I feel like, I’m going somewhere, and I’ll meet a lot of people on the road.

“Am I supposed to stop, greet and talk? I’ll never get to my destination then. So when I see you and you say hi, I’ll also say hi and just move on”

Her sentiments were shared by singer Mzvee who was also on the show and according to the ‘Who Are You’ crooner, she perceives criticisms as opinions.

“I always take what people think as their opinions. So you don’t have to take it too hard because you also think about a lot of things which doesn’t mean it is what it’s supposed to be.

“So if someone criticises you in a way that you feel adds nothing to what you’re doing, you can just label it as their opinion, and just move on. That has always been my thing”