The lands and natural resource sector cover: forestry, minerals, and land issues. Since 2017, the government has reiterated its commitment to clamping down the operations of illegal mining and ensuring small-scale mining is operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

A total of 33 promises were captured under the lands, natural resources, and forestry sub-sectors. The NPP government fulfilled 59.09percent of the promises made under this sector

The government delivered the pledges made on improving reforestation through the procurement of seedlings. Through the Forestry Commission, it increased the seedlings for the national plantation programme from 4.1million seedlings to 13.3million seedlings[1][2].

The government also made progress in improving ecotourism through collaboration between the Forestry Commission and the Ministry of Tourism to designated the Shai Hills, Kakum National Park in Central Region, Ankasa Forest Reserve in Western Region, Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Ashanti, and Shai Hills Resource Reserve in the Greater Accra Region, as eco-tourism sites[3]