The Aflao Sector Command of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has foiled attempts by some criminal syndicates to smuggle 141,25-litre gallons filled with petroleum to neighbouring Togo. 

Acting on intelligence, a patrol team intercepted the items in separate operations at the Pilla 7 and 7B unapproved routes, on the Ghana-Togo border in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region. 

The Aflao Sector Commander of the Immigration Service, Chief Superintendent Frederick Baah Doudu, explained the patrol team discovered an uncompleted structure on the borderline used as a transit point for smuggling activities. 

”The patrol team retrieved 129 25 liter gallons of fuel packed in the structure on Saturday, 23th June 2020, at about 2130 hrs”, he said. 

He added that the officers subsequently discovered another spot where twelve 25 liter gallons of petroleum were being kept, waiting to be smuggled into neighboring Togo. 

He further indicated that the team was unable to effect any arrest as the suspects bolted into neighboring Togo upon spotting the officers. 

“The command has, however, launched a manhunt to arrest the suspects”, Mr. Duodo said. 

The items which are being kept at the GIS Aflao Command would be handed over to the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority for the appropriate actions. 

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