The Independent newspaper, which was set up some 24 years ago, has been re-born with 21st century innovation to disseminate news and continuity of journalism excellence.

The Independent, according to management, would not limit itself to traditional print circulation.

With an array of young and talented journalists, the Independent is poised to making good use of the various social media platforms to propagate its news not only to Ghanaians but to the world at large.

Speaking at the re-launch of the paper in Accra Monday, the new Managing Director of the Independent Network, Kabral Blay-Amihere Jnr stated “we will include new digital media such as news websites, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as Applications for hand-held devices.”

Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere Snr handed over the mantle of management to his son, Kabral Blay-Amihere Jnr, who is now the MD. He returned home after a long stay in the US.

The paper was established since March 6, 1989 as Ghana’s truly objective and independent newspaper.

Ambassador Blay-Amihere had wished his children took over from him when he was far gone as he penciled in his book ‘Fighting for Freedom’.

The impeccable writer expressed in a portion of that book: “My pleasure shall be immense if they take up the challenge to continue with ‘The Independent’ long after I am gone. But for as long as I continue to breathe, the Independent and writing will be my first love and passion”.

Although he is not gone yet, his son, Kabral Blay-Amihere Jnr has taken over The Independent.

In a sharp response to this long awaited wish by his father, Kabral Blay-Amihere Jnr said “well dad, that day has come; that day is now. I stand before you today, cognizant of the hard work and absolute dedication and selfless commitment you have shown to the media in Ghana.”

According to the MD, the media’s adoption of new, innovative and modern ways of getting closer to their readers worldwide was a step in out of a thousand.

The move, he added, was not to fizzle out the past but to make over the ways of spreading information to a larger audience.

The MD called on both the private and government institutions to partner management in its pursuit for objectivity, independence and fair reportage.

“Our mission is to provide a platform for debate and dialogue on national issues. Our aim is to move Ghana forward,” he stressed.