Technological advancement is the new world order of development, however, Ghana seems to focus much more on Natural Resources than paying meaningful attention to the key ingredient which has made advanced Countries what they are today.

Malaysia overtook Ghana when value was added to their Oil Palm plantation which Ghana had already taken the lead.

Today, over reliance on Natural Resources which in effect is destroying our water Bodies and Forest Reserve is as a result of failure of successive Governments to give the needed attention to Creativity among the younger generation in the area of Inventions and Innovations. Fellow Ghanaians, Creative Art is not only found in the Movie Industry.

Ending Galamsey and fixing the Ghanaian Economy is a collective responsibility of every citizen. It is very sad and disheartening that WirBtech, after investing so much into Research and has come out with Inventions and Innovations as its quota to National Development, the Country seems not to be interested in its effort.

Ghanaians must appreciate what we have and add value to Domestic products which in effect create jobs for the Youth of this Country. Better jobs make Galamsey unattractive.

After the first batch of WirBtech branded products as a start-Up, I continued my research work into other areas including power Generators with an ultimate aim of projecting into the future to find a lasting solution to Dumsor.

I was almost through with about seventy per cent of Prosthetic Arm and Leg production but have brought everything to an abrupt end due to lack of support. I plan to relocate to any country ready to appreciate what is within me.

It is a smart move by China to add Cocoa production to its already established technological-based economy.

Ghana on the other hand is not making any move to reciprocate Chinas smartness. At this age and era, there still exist “No Bed Syndrome” in our Hospitals; common beds which can easily be made and branded WirBtech right here in Ghana.

Cocoa plantation is now surviving in the Snow of China. Very soon Europe and America are following, under the same weather condition. Ghana must start producing what we consume else we live to witness the total collapse of our Cedi due to importations without any exchange. Domestication is the key to answers of our numerous problems.