The interdicted National Youth Organizer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Murtala Mohammed has threatened to sue the party if he is not reinstated to his position.

According to him, his interdiction was based on mere allegations and has not been given opportunity to respond to them so he will sue the party if not reinstated by next week.

Mutala Mohammed said he has expressed concerns to the leadership of the party over his interdiction but all attempts to correct the anomaly have proven futile. He believes that it is a deliberate ploy to oust him from the party.

The National Youth Organizer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Murtala Mohammed together with other officials were interdicted by the Central Committee of the party for misconduct following a complaint by General Secretary Ivor Greenstreet.

A memo containing the complaint written to the party by Ivor Greenstreet, which formed the basis of the interdiction said:

“The National Women’s Organizer, Mary Ankomah has been engaged in shocking, disgraceful and unacceptable conduct in the Western region attempting to solicit party members to leave the CPP and join Nduom’s so called ‘racket’ the ‘movement’. The National Youth Organizer, Murtala Mohammed is also engaged in similar activities and in particular his vicious and undermining public utterances can no longer be countenanced. Enough cannot be said about similar disgraceful conduct of the Ashanti Regional Chairman, Kwofie and the Northern Regional Youth Organizer, Murtala with respect to the solicitation of our members through outrageous wicked tricks and lies”.

However, speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii-sen on Wednesday, Murtala Mohammed noted that ever since he was interdicted, the party has not called him to respond to allegations leveled against him, which formed the basis of the interdiction.

“Since I was interdicted as the National Youth Organizer, the party has not called me to hear my side of the story. I met the General Secretary, Ivor Greenstreet as to how the party is going about the issue; he said he thought I will rather resign. This shows it is an agenda of the leadership of the party to oust certain people from the party and I think it is not right” Murtala stated.

Murtala Mohammed asserted that he will officially meet the party on his interdiction on Thursday and if it fails, he will proceed to court because his rights are being trampled upon. “Tomorrow I will write to the party that I am not happy with the current developments in the party so something positive should be done. If it fails, I will go to court to prevent all the national executives from holding themselves as officers of the party”.

He alleged that the leadership of the party under Chairman Samia Yaba Nkrumah has decided to sack people from the party but opined it is wrong for a party like CPP, which is not as vibrant as other political parties, to do so.

He bemoaned the treatments being meted to him by the party saying as the rule of natural justice suggests that everyone has the right to respond to allegations leveled against him, he should have had the opportunity to respond to the allegations which led to his interdiction.

”I don’t understand because every action against me is based on allegations. If it is about allegations, then a lot of people should also be interdicted in the party. I have said earlier that Samia herself is using the name of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to solicit for funds for herself but the party has not taken any action. It is simply unfair”.

He also threatened to expose some people in the party who deal in dubious things which go against the party but are not being interdicted.

”I will expose them all because if people’s images will be dented based on allegations, we will all be part of it”.