The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Justice Yankson has urged Ghanaians to desist from opposing setting up of isolation centres in their communities.

He said the centres are to provide protection for residents of the community against Covid-19 and not expose them to the virus.

Speaking on Joy News’ The Lockdown Sunday, Mr Yankson noted that the isolation centres is to only isolate and manage those who pose as a risk to the community and not the other way round.

“The isolation centres technically takes the risk away from you, because if the symptomatic patient who is walking around is not sent in there or kept at home, in a proper self-quarantine, these individuals will be in the community and be spreading the virus,” he clarified.

Dr Justice Yankson is General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA)

He further highlighted that there is a need for isolation centers since with the increasing number of cases in the country, hospitals may be overwhelmed and will need these facilities to quarantine patients with the virus.

“Truth be told we cannot manage all the cases in the hospitals and we have seen what is happening elsewhere and it is not all cases that technically speaking ought to be in the hospital.

“Also, anything that has to do with the sick patient and the disease is contained in that isolation center where the health personal will be working on management protocols,” he stated.

The GMA General Secretary then called for public education to enlighten citizens to understand the gravity of the situation and support initiatives that can help combat and contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Two weeks ago, Bishop Titi-Ofei had to withdraw his offer of giving his facility located at Baatsona as an isolation centre after residents protested against the decision.

Also, residents of Effutu in the Central Region were agitated and kicked against the Ghana Health Service’s decision to use Effutu Senior High school as an isolation centre all for the reason that they could be infected as well.

However, Dr Yankson has asked them to put away their fears and agitations because isolation centres will cause no harm.