Five promising Ghanaian Agritech Startups will have the opportunity to develop their expertise from Israeli Agritec experts.

Known as the Israel-Ghana AgritechAccel, this project aims at harnessing Israeli technology and product development expertise to benefit the Agritech Start-ups.

It is an initiative of by the Embassy of Israel in partnership with Innohub and the Pears Program for Global Innovation.

Launching the project, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Shani Cooper expressed that this unique initiative is created to bring together Israeli and Ghanaian Agritech Starts ups to collaborate, learn from each other and accelerate on a larger scale.

Israeli Embassy, Innohub and Pears programme launches Israel-Ghana AgriTechAccel
H. E. Shani Cooper with officials from Pears Challenge and InnoHub

“The second part of the collaboration is bringing Israeli entrepreneurs to Ghana to learn from Ghanaian Agric companies,” she said.

The Israel-Ghana AgriTechAccel is a state of the art 6-week program, which will run from October to November 2021, for post-pilot Ghanaian AgriTech startups.

The programme will involve classroom sessions, participant-led workshops, and individualized mentor support to help participating startups refine their technologies.  

The selected participants will benefit from tailored Product Building Coaching from Israeli Tech Experts and Ghanaian coaches, high-level workshops on product fit, product architecture, user experience, manufacturing/development, partnership development opportunities with Israeli startups in a similar industry and a network of investment partnerships.

To be selected, applicants must bean AgriTech startup with an existing product or solution. They must also have an existing tech product that is targeted at B2B and have products already on the market or post proof of concept stage and also the ability to demonstrate a clear product development goal.

Other criteria but not a pre-requisite includes previous participation in any business acceleration programme which could be an advantage.

Agritech Startups interested in a tailored Product Innovation accelerator program that will provide them with high-level technological expertise for their product development journey should apply at

Meanwhile, the application is currently open and the deadline for submission is Sunday, 25th July 2021.

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