Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold says it took him seven months to finish working on the ‘High’ hit track.

The song, which features colleague Davido, was released in September 2021 and has since been able to garner over 12 million views on YouTube.

It also peaked at number 46 on the Billboard Emerging Artists charts.

In an interview with Joy Entertainment’s Noella, the ‘Something Different’ crooner said he wrote the song in January 2021 with the producer Pheelz after he was introduced to Amapiano.

“So we were listening and I was like, I will like to try something like that. So we went downstairs to his studio, and the first beat he played was what has now become ‘high’, and the only thing that came to mind was ‘I just want to be high'”, Adekunle Gold said.

“So that’s the only thing I recorded and didn’t care for it anymore. But I periodically check my laptop from time to time to see what song I didn’t finish, just to see whether I catch a vibe again.

“So I did that; my team listened and said, Bro, why are you forgetting a song like this? It’s a jam, and I was like, I’ll check it out. So I checked it out and was like, there may be something there, and I finished it 7 months after.”

Speaking on how he got Davido on the song, he said, “after I recorded the song, I thought that I needed someone on the song, and who else? Davido! So I sent it to him, he loved it, we linked up in L.A, finished the song, shot the video there and there, and the rest is history”

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