Swaggha, born Daniel Nuako, is an acclaimed musical artist who began seeing professional success around 2015.

The release of his first critically acclaimed ‘Work It Gal’ set the airwaves blazing getting airplay globally putting him out in the spotlight.

He talks about how blessed musicians are because of their abilities to paint or create certain images and memories through words while people listen while being able to imagine exactly what is being sung about in their heads and follow through.

“As an artiste, I plan to paint a lot of pictures through different themes along the way.” – Swaggha

Swaggha originally hails from Ghana and was born in the capital of Accra. He mostly grew up in Takoradi where it was noticeable from a young age his passion for music.          

SWAGGHA stands for a revolutionary vibration in terms of music, “Still Will Always Gather Good Hearts Around.”

He has many singles published over the years which can be found across all social media platforms and music streaming services. Some of his released songs such as Generations Next and Work It Gal are household tunes back in Ghana.

With his upcoming debut album (EP) in the works soon, he plans to deliver categorical music, going with only songs that are adaptive, thematically driven whilst infusing that knowledge he terms as, ”The Tip”. Which talks about his return to the music industry as a songwriter.

“I see the future of my music getting to be heard and recognized more by people who can relate to the topics I talk about as we receive traction back home in Ghana. In Africa I want to be a new music figure standing for rhythmical wordplays, to help raise the bar of our music standards throughout the world. I believe because I love what I do my fans will in turn love me back,” Swaggha said.

Connect with Swaggha on Social media or via his official website  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

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