Newly married couple Mubarak and Sahada share how different Ramadan has been for them

A prayer of thanksgiving and hope for a better life together are some of the prayers of newlyweds, as they usher in the month of Ramadan.

This year’s 30-day fast is different for Mubarak Adam and Sahada Buckman, because they have started the husband and wife journey as well.

Waking up unusually early is the new normal for the young couple.

Mubarak is an IT manager at the Kumasi Military Hospital while Sahada is Physician Assistant, now on national service at the Manhyia government hospital.

Mubarak and Sahada are just one month into their marriage.

And the experience of Ramadan at the beginning of their marriage is the perfect opportunity to forge bonds.

“This fasting is so different. For the first time, I have someone to ask what I’ll take for both suhur and iftar unlike previously where I took anything for suhur and iftar. When I had to figure out all these by myself,” Mubarak told JoyNews.

They say Ramadan is a good time to create new habits and seek ultimate blessings of Allah. Either by waking up early or in praying together, they build ties that will last forever.

“For the very first time, I’m not reluctant about waking up because I know I have a responsibility to perform by preparing something for my husband to take for suhur unlike first where I would lay reluctant for everything to be done for me,” Sahada said.

Mubarak and Sahada say a week to their marriage was full of anxiety. But, Mubarak feels he was lucky enough to meet his supportive wife before Ramadan.

The spirit of getting married and fasting makes them feel good and look forward to better days.

“Thank you for all the good things you do for me. From helping in house chores, waking me up for my nawafil prayers(night prayers) and reciting the Quran together.”

According to Mubarak, Sahada has always been helpful and kind. Waking him up for the fast, reciting the Quran together after fajr and preparing something for him to fast.

“I want you to continue with the good things you do during this fasting period and beyond.”

Marriage is a new chapter in life. Mubarak and Sahada feel every adult man and woman should take the beautiful step of marriage.

They say it is holy and from God. Ramadan is a time where Muslims around the world celebrate and reflect on the purpose of life and grow closer to Allah.

For Mubarak and Sahada, this year’s Ramadan is very special because they are not single, but wife and husband.