Ivorian refugees at the Ampain camp in the Western Region have reportedly ‘shit-bombed’ the premises of the UNHCR.

The refugees are protesting acute food shortage at the camp where they have been staying months after war broke out in Ivory Coast.

Joy News’ Western Region correspondent Kweku Owusu Peprah said the action by the refugees was to send a strong message to the authorities.

“The camp has been hit by an acute food shortage. The hunger and frustration is so much that some inmates decided to send the UNHCR officials here a very strong message. A number of them yesterday decided to shit-bomb the premises of the UNHCR just to force the officials here to provide them food,” he reported.

According to him, life is becoming unbearable for the refugees.

Some of them alleged that Ivorian President Allasane Quatarra is putting pressure on Ghana’s President John Mills to have the camp closed down in order to have the refugees return home.

But they insist their home region is not yet conducive for a return.

Peprah said the Camp Manager at Amapain, Kelly Forson, is working assiduously for the inmates to get their daily supplies.

But the Kelly Forson has denied allegations his office has been smeared with human excreta.

“Nothing of that nature happened,” he said, explaining however that a septic tank came to the camp yesterday to take faecal matter from the pit latrine but the septic emptier got stuck in the mud.

Even though he conceded that there has been shortage of food supply, he denied ever witnessing the shit-bombing exercise alleged to have been perpetrated by the refugees.

He told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh as many as 1,000 refugees had not been given their daily supplies of food and attributed the shortages partly to “misrepresentation of figures”.

The Public Information Officer at the UNHCR in an interview with Myjoyonline.com vehemently denied that the UNHCR offices at the camp were smeared.

She also stated the residents at the camp will be provided their food supplies, Thursday.

Deputy Interior Minister Kobby Acheampong also denied rumours the Ivorian government is scheming to have the Ampain camp and any other Ivorian refugee camp closed in Ghana so the refugees could return home.

He argued except by voluntary repatriation, no refugee can be forced out of Ghana to his home region.

He said the responsibility is now on the Ivorian government to make sure there is peace in tranquility in the West African country.

Kobby Acheampong also cautioned the refugees to abide by the rules and regulations in the camp if they decide to stay in Ghana.

Play the attached audio for excerpts of Peprah’s report, and the reaction from Kelly Forson and government