It is the turn of ‘Refuse 2 Be Broke’ (R2Bees) to be celebrate(d) by Joy Entertainment.

The date is Friday, January 28 and the platforms are; all Joy brands- Joy 99.7 FM, Joy Prime, Joy News, Hits 103.9 FM and their respective social media platforms. is ‘repping’ live.

The musical duo, Faisal Hakeem (Paedae) and Rashid Mugeez (Mugeez), has over the years churned out danceable tunes to the delight of both young and old.

‘Life (Walahi)’ is the song that drew my attention to them. It has turned out to be my favourite, so please indulge me:

R2Bees Yeah!!!

You know your life is sweeter than
But you for take it easy and
Make you no dey rush and blow your meter on
Just get your hussle on

Them dey fly you dey for land

Use your head and use your hand
Don’t you envy brother man
After all we all be one oh eh

So keep on doing what you do and no
Watch no body, for who you for listen to be
Baba God ey

Mankind go give you story
But in the end them go leave you lonely
So make your own history…

…Winners don’t quit, cos quitters don’t win
God forgive us, save em from sin…………..

As Joy Entertainment celebrate(s) the duo, here is a letter written with 31 song titles of R2Bees, by an imaginary ‘Alhaji Gboza’ to his ‘Love’.


My ‘Love’,

As you know, ‘All I wanna hear you say I do’. However, I don’t want to give you ‘Pressure’. So when will you allow me to ‘Kiss your hand’? At least.

My ‘Lobi’, I want to be ‘Closer to you’Tonight’ so we ‘Dance’ to ‘Eboso’ and drink some ‘Fine wine’ with ‘Plantain chips’.

Remember that ‘Boys kasa’. Just ‘Yesterday’, the rumour was rife that you are a ‘Yawa Girl’. But as they say, ‘Odo ko nie odo wo’.

Awww! How many ‘More’ years do I have to wait? ‘Odo’, please ‘Promise’ that you will soon be mine. I know your response is ‘Slow Down’. But ‘Your Loving’ makes that difficult.

You make me want to believe the cliché that ‘Get get no dey want’.

Indeed, ‘I dey mad’ and friends say you will break my heart (‘Makoma’) because of love (‘Odo nti’).

However, my heart ‘Refuse to be broke’.

But Just in case you want this ‘Over’, that’s fine.

Hmmm! ‘Life (Walahi)’.

Now I feel like I have been caught in a ‘Bayla trap’.

It’s ‘Alhaji’Gboza’,


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