Conversations about whether sex in marriage is overrated or not continued on Joy FM‘s Super Morning Show on Friday.

The discussions focused on an assertion by Playwright and Counselor, Uncle Ebo Whyte that when sex is good all other problems in the marriage can be handled.

Uncle Ebo contended that willingness to solve problems in any marriage is higher when the couple enjoy good sex.

He explained that for this to happen, the man must make love to his wife’s mind and heart, “it’s not enough to make love to a woman’s body.”

However, some callers who phoned in to the show shared opposing views.

A caller who identified herself as Akua disagreed with the assertion.

According to her, sex will not be enough grounds for her to let go of her partner’s misbehavior towards her.

“Women are very sensitive. You can’t have good sex with her and think that it will solve whatever problems you have with her.

She further argued that if a man misbehaves towards his partner and refuses to address it, there’s no way she can give her best or take the best from her partner during sex.

“If psychologically, I’m not fit in the sense that I’m not happy with my husband because of one or two things and you think you’ll address that and you’ll use sex to address it, I don’t think it will work for me,” she said.

Emmanuel, who was a co-panel on the show shared similar sentiments. He said the statement was a myth that “I strongly disagree with.”

“You can’t solve all problems in marriage with great sex. Because, you can have great sex today and issues of life such as paying school fees and others will not be solved.”

Another caller who identified himself as Sammy said sex in marriage is overrated. He said sex does not solve all problems in marriage since people with medical conditions that prohibit them from having sex such as stroke still find ways to settle their issues.

Some callers on the other hand subscribed to the assertion.

Ralph, who called from Akuse said sex creates an atmosphere for solving problems.

“Problems will crop up definitely but sex is like an arbitration,” he said.

Seth, who phoned in from Accra, also said when sex is appreciated, problems are solved better.

Pascal, who called from Lapaz, has been married for 8 years. He shared with host Winston Amoah that good sex helps him settle issues with his wife amicably.

“When sex is good every problem becomes easy to solve. You see the willingness from both sides to settle the matter amicably. But when it doesn’t go well in the night when you wake up in the morning and your partner asks a question, it’s like you want to ignore the question. I think sex is the medicine,” he said.

Elsie shared a similar view. She said sex is the highest form of communication for any bond.

“If your sex life is good it means that you have very good communication and with that, you’ll be able to surmount every situation,” she said.

Uncle Ebo also added that sex is a total package for creating and an environment of wellbeing, security, and safety.