Joyful Way Incorporated has launched a new podcast “The Joyful Focus Podcast”, bringing a fresh approach to its long-held commitment to training, mentoring and coaching the youth and the young-at-heart.

The podcast features candid conversations about the joys, challenges, practice, and application of the Christian faith.

The production of the Joyful Focus Podcast, draws from the ministry’s deep resource of members with various professional backgrounds ranging from music production and performance to accomplished business and career people.

Commenting on the podcast launch, the Vice President of Joyful Way, Michael Sowah said, “through this podcast, we hope to practically speak to issues, address questions or challenges and share in our joys and testimonies. Above all, these conversations seek to awaken us to the life and wisdom of the Bible and its applications in our everyday walk.”

“We all need a great deal of encouragement on this journey of life.” he added.

The podcast, will from March 8, 2021, will be available on Apple podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google podcasts with new episodes released bi-weekly. As the podcast becomes available on more platforms, many more people will have access on their platforms of choice.

About Joyful Way Incorporated

Joyful Way Incorporated is a non-denominational ministry of young people committed to evangelism through gospel music and other social impact projects.

Notable among its initiatives are its senior high and tertiary school-oriented programs, rural medical outreaches, rural reading clinics, community outreaches, and musical concerts.

Established almost 50 years ago, the ministry now has 13 gospel music albums to its credit.

Visit or social media, @myjoyfulway, to learn more about the history and contributions of the group.